Critical Thinking Academy: New Course to Boost Awareness & Intelligence

Critical Thinking Academy course image.
Critical Thinking Academy course image.
Critical Thinking Academy course image. Click on the image to find out more and to receive a 25% discount.

The InDyn Foundation is co-sponsoring a new course on critical thinking. This is one of the skills most lacking in modern education. The old classical education used to include this.

Learning facts and reciting numbers learned by rote do not help anyone get along in the world. Solving problems and analyzing data are the skills that allow people to change the world. It seems that the educational system, more and more, is cranking out sensitive robots. If you say the wrong thing, you hurt their feelings. If you challenge them with a tough problem, they resent you for the burden.

When I was in school, I thrived on the challenges. I enjoyed stretching my mind to learn more and to solve more problems. In creative writing class, I put my writing out there more than anyone to have it critiqued. My ego received a thrashing, but I bet I learned far more than any of my fellow students.

I personally feel that all students need to be taught,

  • Compassion.
  • Fearlessness.
  • Love of challenges.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Industriousness.
  • Humility.

Too many don’t understand these things. Take humility, for instance. For some, “humility” means groveling or being mousy. It can mean these, but this is not the attitude of the truly humble individual. Humility is part of what makes a true hero. They are not self-concerned and self-obsessed. Too many students these days whine about what is being done to them.

I had many students in my first semester of teaching at Benedicto College complain that I had made it too difficult for them to learn. Yet, I had bent over backward to slow down and to help them—teaming them into groups to help one another. They looked at challenges as burdens rather than opportunities. Certainly, there were a few students who took on challenges with heroic effort, but they were far too rare.

Critical Thinking Academy

Critical Thinking Academy: Rod Martin, Jr. as college professor.
Rod Martin, Jr. as a college professor in the Philippines

The Critical Thinking Academy is being hosted at The price is $20. But if a student wants an easy discount, all they need do is to follow the link, here, which will take them to the Tharsis Highlands page for the course. The link there will give them an instant 25% discount. As course creator, I get a larger share of the revenue for bringing students to Udemy, so it’s a win-win for everyone concerned.

Personally, I wish I had had this course available to me 50 years ago. This topic means so much to me, I’ve already started to design new modules to add to this course, to make it even better. If you have a topic you think would be good to include, please let me know.

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